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Human Rights in Canada: An Historical Perspective

The Fair Accommodation Practices Act enacted in Ontario

Toronto, Ontario
April 6, 1954

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - which was in part created by Canadian John Humphrey - continued to have a great impact on Canadian law. In 1954, Ontario passed the Fair Accommodation Practices Act which declared that "no one can deny to any person or class of persons the accommodation, services or facilities usually available to members of the public." Like its predecessor, the Racial Discrimination Act, the new law also banned publishing discriminatory signs. With the Fair Accommodation Practices Act in place, the Racial Discrimination Act was repealed.

Déjà vu

Racial Discrimination Act

Did you know?

In 1993, the Supreme Court of Canada will rule on what "service available to the public" means in the case of Berg v. University of British Columbia

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Fair Accommodation Practices Act S.O. 1954 c. 28