Annual Report in Pictures 2011


From left to right: Karen Mosher, Secretary General; David Langtry, Acting Chief Commissioner; and Philippe Dufresne, General Counsel speaking to reporters on June 17, 2011.


“Just as the Canadian Human Rights Act has contributed to the quality of life enjoyed by so many in Canada, it now has the potential to be a catalyst for improving many aspects of life in First Nations communities.” David Langtry at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa on June 17, 2011.


“The change to the Canadian Human Rights Act entitles First Nations people to make full use of protections that others in Canada have enjoyed for over three decades.” David Langtry speaking at the Annual General Assembly of the Assembly of First Nations on July 12, 2011.


Sherri Helgason, Director of the National Aboriginal Initiative, addressing the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations in Saskatoon on January 31, 2011.

“There is clearly a total lack of accountability mechanisms.” Charles Théroux, Director of Research, Canadian Human Rights Commission, Toronto Star, November  29, 2011.


David Langtry meeting with Gilles Rivard, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations while attending the Fourth Conference of States Parties of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in New York City. From left to right: Harvey Goldberg, Strategic Initiatives Team Leader of the Canadian Human Rights Commission; David Langtry; Gilles Rivard; and Nancy Milroy-Swainson, Director General, Office for Disability Issues, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

From left to right: Irshad Manji; Dr. Ayman Al-Yassini, Executive Director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation; Karen Mosher, Secretary General of the Canadian Human Rights Commission; and Allan Rock, President of the University of Ottawa.

Irshad Manji

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